General Guidelines

- I will only accept commission requests via e-mails and sometimes through journals on my art accounts, check there for listings.
- I DO NOT do artwork of an adult nature (higher than a PG-13 rating)
- I DO NOT do scenes featuring drug activity, racist things or other hate crimes, things of that nature. I do not support hate.
- I will NOT sell any commissioned artwork as prints or include them in portfolios. If you want to give me consent to make prints, that's fine, but I won't ask for it.
- I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time and provide a full refund within one week if need be.
- I have the right to refuse any commission request for any reason. This could be for a variety of reasons: Not taking commissions at the time, not comfortable with the subject matter, etc.

Placing a Commission Order

- After reading these guidelines, send me an e-mail to the address below.
- If you agree to the price I quote you with, you are to send the payment to the address I give you. Quotes are good for one month.
- When the quoted price has been agreed on, no extra character changes or added elements will be added to the concept without adding to the pricing.
- Once payment has been received, I will enter it to my queue and I will start on it shortly thereafter. I will usually give you a timeframe of when I expect to start it and a rough idea on when it will be completed.

Sending Payments

- Payment must be received in full before any work will begin.
- For now, I only accept payments via PayPal. In the future I may offer other methods.
- The money should be sent in US currency and without any coverage specifically for PayPal fees and please DO NOT send it as "Gift".
- I DO NOT charge coverage for PayPal fees as this is another way to violate their TOS policy and could result in account termination.
- Please leave a note inside saying who the payment is from, both your name and e-mail address, as it is easier to keep track of for my records.

Shipping Info

- At this time I can ONLY mail items inside the United States.
- Shipping charges are the responsibility of the client and are an added $3 to your order. As of now only badges are mailed out.
- Full size digital files can be sent to you for illustrations, character sheets, icons, and badges and are at high quality 300dpi 8x10 or larger formats at your request.

Digital Illustrations

An 8x10 600dpi digital illustration of one character (including inking/coloring/shading) with a simple one or two colored background -- $50

** Each additional character and complexity of the background will raise the price**

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Character References

- 3 view head reference (front or 3/4, side, and back) and color pallete -- $50 base
- 3 view full body character reference (front or 3/4, side, and back), color pallete, and one detail shot -- $80 base

**Additional views, extremely complicated characters, and other extras will raise the price. Ask for a quote!**

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Con Badges

You will recieve one badge in whatever size/style you choose from below in either a 600dpi .png or .jpg file to print yourself.

Style #1 (Blok) -- 4x3 rectangle badge from the shoulders up -- $20
Style #2 (Cut-Out) -- Roughly 5.5x4.5 from the waist up, one prop included -- $30

**Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is $3 extra for both the mailer and the shipping itself (I DO NOT ship outside the U.S.)**

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You will recieve one icon of your character suitable for usage on a personal account online such as a blog, art site profile, etc. Includes the original in both 500x500 600dpi .png file and the smaller size of your choice.

Simple colored background icon -- $10
Complex colored background icon -- $20

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